Aurelia Arch is dedicated to provide efficient advices and realistic inspirations, to help you in creating a perfect design for your home and workplace, starting from plans, designing and decorating homes and workplaces for all the world with the appility to implement them in Turkey), to redesign your space, decoration and rearrange it according to feng shui principles.

It depends on creating projects that fit with the site, and we combine planning, architecture, landscape and interior decoration in one profession, as well as our ability to implement projects in Turkey, so that we create environments that have important features and high quality in the field

Partners with our clients, to become part of their development, to understand their vision and goal of their work, as well as considering the environmental and health conditions during the design study .

Our work began with one engineer who worked on individual projects, studied Feng Shui and sacred geometry detailly. Today we have pioneering company with integrated group, which includes civil engineers, architects with a high experience in planning, designing, Feng shui and sacred geometry, as well as programmers, landscape engineers and craftsmen.

We Care About The Healthy life

Since the human being is an integral part of nature, we study the building environment in a manner that is compatible with nature, to ensure the physical, psychological and mental health of the residents, through the presence of a team specialized in the study of sacred geometry and Feng Shui that studies the building according to specific standards and conditions that ensure the well-being of individuals .